Talks and Workshops

Rust in Peace (Chennai)

June 28, 2018 | Video | Slides Source | Slides | Chennai, IN

Geek Night Chennai - 56th Edition: An introductory talk to the Rust Programming Language. The goal of this talk was to highlight some of the challenges faced by web/application programmers in transitioning to systems programming using C/C++, and how Rust helps us overcome them with its design.

Rust for Rubyists

March 24, 2018 | Slides Source | Slides | Chennai, IN

Chennai Ruby Meetup - March 2018: The goal of this talk was to gently introduce Rust to Ruby developers. It begins with a few slides on the pros and cons of Ruby. It then moves on to features in Rust that will entice Ruby programmers, primarily talking about OO and TDD in Rust. It finally ends with an introduction to Ownership and Borrowing, two of Rust’s key language features.

Rust in Peace (CBE)

March 15, 2018 | Video | Slides Source | Slides | Coimbatore, IN

Geek Night Coimbatore - 18th Edition: The first version of the talk delivered in the Chennai geek night. The difference between this version and the Chennai version is that this features introductory material on Rust Lifetimes. I decided to cut this in the later version and instead talk about some general features of the Rust language.

Free Yourself With Constraints

November 3, 2016 | Video | Slides Source | Slides | Chennai, IN

Geek Night Chennai - 36th Edition: The goal of this talk was to primarily highlight how the constraints imposed by statically typed languages can liberating to our mind. It starts with a very simply function written in JavaScript (a dynamically typed language) and demonstrates the challenges in inferring what the function does. It then slowly adds one constraint after another to this simple function and talks about how each of them helps improve our understanding of what the function does.

Typed Functional Programming using Scala

May 21, 2016 | Source | Chennai, IN

TW Chennai Workshop: This was a half-day workshop that I conducted with my colleague in ThoughtWorks Chennai. It first began with an introduction to typed FP using the List algebraic data type. It then presents the Tic Tac Toe problem statement devised by Tony Morris and demonstrates how to approach solving it in Scala.


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